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Cloud Backup

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Protect Your Data

Protect your critical company data with cloud backup. It provides simple and complete protection for your Microsoft 365 applications through regular backups of your company’s core services and data, including Exchange, OneDrive for Business, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and Office 365 Groups. 

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Why Cloud Backup is Important

When it comes to protecting Microsoft 365, many think that their productivity data is safe in the cloud and protected by Microsoft. Businesses that rely on the Microsoft 365 suite, do not realize that Microsoft service agreements protect their access to services but not the data within those services. That exposes their email, files, and project work to potential data loss.

Accidental Deletion

Users may accidentally delete an email, file, or folder. In some cases, a user may intentionally delete a file, simply because they don’t realize it might be needed later.

Malicious Deletion

A disgruntled employee may maliciously delete valuable contact information, or an entire mailbox or OneDrive for Business Account. A SharePoint admin can permanently delete an entire SharePoint site collection, making it immediately unrecoverable.

Software Issues

Various software issues comprise the remainder of the data loss events. These include overwriting data, license changes, or other changes with software or hardware that can make data unrecoverable.


Malware or other viruses may corrupt your data, making it unrecoverable. Ransomware, a rapidly growing form of malware encrypts files. The hacker includes with each file a ransom request (asking for a large sum of money) to obtain the key to unencrypt data but with no guarantee.

Backup for Microsoft 365 Saves Data, Time, and Money

Cloud backup can be the difference between a slight blip and a disaster, and it can offer your business a way to mitigate these risks.

 For example, a customer that thought they didn’t need backup software, inadvertently deleted 50,000 files in the accounting department’s SharePoint library. Although the information was recoverable in the recycling bin, it would have taken an estimated six days to retrieve the data. But since they had been backing up SharePoint files with cloud backup, the entire folder and all the files were restored within a few hours, which was a significant improvement in efficiency.