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Ping Castle

Active directory is quickly becoming a critical failure point in any mid-sized company because it is both complex and costly to secure.

Deliverables You Can See

Ping Castle quickly collects the most important information about the Active Directory to establish an overview of it. Based on a model and rules, it evaluates the score of the sub-processes of the Active Directory. Then based on this evaluation, it reports the risk evaluation of it.

Health Checks are based on models and rules. It evaluates the score of the sub-processes of the active directory.

The Health Check report is divided into 4 different parts. SCORES, RULES, GENERAL INFORMATION, and DETAILS.

The SCORE is completed through Privilege Accounts, TRUSTS STATE OBJECTS, and SECURITY ANOMALIES.

Our Methodology

Budget and management support for Active Directory security.

Step 1

Understand the client

Step 2

Prepare the security plan

Step 3

“Know your backyard”

Step 4

“perform Security Controls periodically”