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Hard work always pays off. We work for you to secure your critical business assets.

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AA Networks was founded in Houston, Texas in 1994 and is located near the NASA/Johnson Space Center. We specialize in cost-effective cybersecurity solutions for small to medium businesses.  We believe every business has the right to be protected from destructive security attacks, and we take a proactive approach to protect your valuable business assets from malicious attackers.  Very often small businesses don’t have adequate resources to protect their networks from hackers.  Many small businesses believe that it’s cost prohibitive for them to invest in security resources, but we believe that they must do so today.  Because of the rapid increase of attacks against small business systems and the inability of the small business to recover from data breaches and the subsequent loss of services, they often end up “going out of business”.  That is why AA networks have developed a unique cost-effective approach to provide 24/7 managed detection and response security services for small businesses at an affordable price.  We like to consider it as “enterprise-level” security services for a “small business” price.  With years of experience in the cybersecurity field, our team has highly trained and dedicated professionals who work hard to find your business the solution it’s looking for, discover your needs, and be affordable. Our team has more than 25 years of industry experience, including work in the Oil & Gas and Energy fields and Federal and Local Government. 

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